It’s been said that, “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.”

We want to go far, and believe you do as well.

Our Legends Mastermind program brings together the best, brightest, and most elite e-commerce and performance marketing and online service entrepreneurs to form a unique community that establishes a culture of progress unlike anything else that exists in the e-commerce and performance marketing ecosystem today.

Our Mastermind members each have proven track records of success, are expected and encouraged to collaborate with one another, operate within our supportive Mastermind community, and foster an atmosphere in which everyone is held accountable for applying and executing the lessons and ideas learned as part of the group.

We will work together to outshine the competition and grow business explosively.

Are you ready to be a Legend?

Nate Lind



We only accept members with a demonstrated track record for success in at least one area of continuity and/or eCommerce at the eight-figure mark. That way every member has at least one thing they can share to help other members improve. And usually it’s more than that.


Members are expected and encouraged to collaborate with each other. We even create networking opportunities specifically to foster these connections. Collaboration could be as small as sharing a best practice or tip with someone who asks a question, or as big as forming a business partnership or joint venture.


We actively create an environment where all members feel supported by the community. That doesn’t mean our members won’t challenge you or provide some tough love when you need it. But everyone is genuinely interested in seeing each other succeed — and anyone overly selfish or negative will get warned and then terminated.


One good idea put into practice is better than a hundred great ideas that sit on your notepad or computer desktop. As part of LEGENDS, our leadership and members will help hold you accountable for actually applying and executing the breakthrough lessons you’ll learn as part of the group.