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Frequently asked questions

Is the collection fair launching?

Yes. Any our Collections are fair launch. Every lauching, the price will be determined by the current value of the total assets.

How do I get airdrop?

You don’t need to do any action but need to follow our twitter, telegram channel, discord to know when we will do the airdrop. We will send the airdrop through your address which is holding the NFTs.

Can I purchase more than one and get more rewards?

Yes, you can hold more NFTs to get more benefits.

What is your benefit? Why airdrop?

We get 10% fund performance asset management and small amount of 2% for art creatives.

What is the real value of NFTs? Why increasing?

With the support from Alpha Trade, the assets will be backed by value assets such as BTC, Altcoins, hedge fund. We will send a small amount for Gold Index Trading fund which is not make too much risk to the fund. All of these assets are valuable and will increase in the mid to long term.

How can I know what is the current value?

The value of the fund will be updated through our website – discord – twitter and telegram channel every month.

How will you buy back my NFTs?

For short term plan, we will build an Collector Dashboard for collectors to sell the NFT to us base on the real value at the time.

What is your long term visions?

Our long term vision is to become a large fund to invest to many projects and our collectors will get more benefits.